Stat Geek Smackdown Round 3: Scenarios

Update (5/22/11): Here’s an updated version of the same graphic (slightly reorganized), reflecting the latest:


As most of you know, I’m competing in ESPN’s Stat Geek Smackdown 2011. I lucked into the lead coming out of the first round, but have since dropped into a tie for 2nd.

Oklahoma City choking in the 2nd half of game six against Memphis cost me dearly: had they held on to their 10 point halftime lead to win that game, I would have remained outright leader heading into these last three series. But by losing that one and winning the next, the Thunder have put me in a tough spot: With Ilardi and I both having the Heat in 6, this round doesn’t give me a lot of opportunities to catch up. At this point, the lead—no matter how small—will be huge advantage heading into the Finals, and four of us are technically within striking distance:
Round 3 Scenarios

Stahlhut and Berri have put themselves in decent spots by being the only panelists currently in contention to choose OKC and Chicago, respectively. To regain a share of the lead, I need Dallas to win in 6 and not{Chicago win in 7}. But Dallas came through for me by winning in 6 in round one, so here’s hoping it happens again.

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  1. Dre says:

    Awesome work! I need to see if Arturo can steal this to show outcomes for the corresponding Wages of Wins smackdown with our slightly revised work! Next year Abbott should have you provide this round by round as I know Excel land with lots of rows isn’t the easiest to read.

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