New! This Sunday: Wire-to-Wire NFL Live-Blog

With a nice vacation under my belt and the NFL season underway, I figure it’s a good time to shift some of my attention back to the blog.  I’m working on finishing and writing up some of the research and analysis I’ve been doing for a number of different sports and contexts (even baseball), so I should have some pretty interesting and diverse things to post about in the coming weeks.  But I’d also like to try some new things content-wise, and one of those that I’m very excited about is doing a regular NFL live-blog:  So, for the first time this Sunday, I’ll be conducting an all-day live blog—starting from the first kick-off and continuing all the way through the night game.

Obv I’ll be kind of making up the format as I go along, but I expect it to be a little different from your usual play-by-play with instant reactions.  We’ll see what works and what doesn’t, but my intention is for it to be a bit more of a window into how I watch the NFL, and the kinds of things I think about and explore in the process, like:

  • Random thoughts and observations related to the games and coverage that I’m watching.
  • Quick and dirty analysis (I’ve got my databases locked and loaded, and there will be graphs).
  • Relevant tidbits from or previews of some of my ongoing research.
  • Links and/or brief discussions of relevant articles, tweets, blog posts or other things that I’m reading.
  • Other random ideas (sports related or not) that grab me and won’t let go.

Additionally, if there are any reader questions, criticisms, or comments that come up, I’ll be monitoring and responding to them throughout the day (and these don’t necessarily have to be on topic: so if you have the urge to pick my brain, challenge my ideas, or point out any of my stupid mistakes, this will be a good opportunity to get an immediate response).

I’ll be starting just before the first kickoff, around 10am PST.  So, you know, be there, drop on by, I’ll make it worth your while, see you then, etc.

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  1. David Myers says:

    Good to see you active again!


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