My Favorite Sports?

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At this point in time, my favorite sport, and the one I have done the most research on, is NFL Football.  After that, the other sports I follow fairly closely are, in approximate order: NBA Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Olympic Sports, NCAA Football, Major League Baseball, MMA/Boxing, Horse Racing, and Poker (qua “sport”).  Sports I mostly do not follow include Hockey, College Basketball, WNBA, and Bassmaster.

This should not be taken as a promise that I will post about all of the sports I follow, nor that I won’t post on any of the sports I don’t:  I generally choose topics as they strike my fancy, or when they relate to some broader research I’m undertaking.  Thus I can really only guarantee that I will post about football and basketball regularly.  So if you’re looking for a kickass NHL blog, this isn’t going to be it.  On the other hand, if you’re a die-hard NHL fan that loves sports analysis generally, you may still appreciate what I have to offer — and who knows, maybe one day something interesting about Canada’s game will slip out.

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