Hyperbole of the Day: Coach Ryan On Coach Belichick

And no, I don’t mean Rex:

“You can have Bill Parcells as a head coach and Vince Lombardi as a D-coordinator and Bill Walsh as the offensive coordinator and I think Belichick would beat them by two touchdowns if it came down to coaching,” Ryan said. “It’s going to come down to players and coaches and everything.”

From this ESPN article, which of course focuses on Rob Ryan’s opinion of Tom Brady.

Crazy hyperbole, though I’m not sure exactly what he means by “if it came down to coaching.”  Surely he doesn’t think that Belichick is better at all three skills: He is suggesting that Belichick has some super-quality that trumps mere offensive, defensive, and motivational strategies.

What strikes me as really funny, though, is the selection of Vince Lombardi as the “dream” defensive coordinator.  A much more natural choice would have been Buddy Ryan, but I guess Rob can’t very well go saying that Belichick would run laps around his own father.

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  1. randyr says:

    the funny thing was Lombardi was the offensive coordinator for the NY Giants and Landry was the defensive coordinator. Lombardi even took the 4-3 with him to Green Bay and Landry became known for his offensive schemes as well as flex defense

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