Graph of the Day: Second Look at Stan Van?

Granted, “of the Day” isn’t really accurate considering how often I post, but I found it amusing enough to share:

Red is years coached by Stan Van Gundy.

Win % in games played by Dwight Howard. Red years were with Stan Van Gundy coaching.

This came up in a discussion about the possibility that Dwight Howard might not be leveraged optimally on teams that aren’t comprised mostly of small 3 point shooters. That would have interesting implications.

One Response to “Graph of the Day: Second Look at Stan Van?”

  1. john carter says:

    Love, this graph it shows what i had previously assumed. Dwight should have been clamoring to keep stan in Orlando he pretty much made his career. He figured out how to use him he got to Bogart rebounds and score using his main advantage SPEED & Athleticism not slow post moves he shot him out of a double screen that he was part of setting for a massive amount of dunks. a stat he’s led the league in a few times.

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